Exfinity Project

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This project is currently in vaporware-stage. Try the CVS if you want to, but be warned, it's not an easy job to compile it:


Check out these Screenshots (warning: Large JPEGs)

(transparent) Blitter in action (with scrolling!! ;-)... Note that the ResourceManager also works fine *g*:

Area loading works, although the actors are a bit static right now *g* (and the images are only placeholders)

Whee... Got polygons working! Even the mouse pointer changes, though not always correctly ;-)
Now I need only implement polygon drawing on every polygon and figure out the right draw order, and BINGO...

OK, got the fonts loaded, although this is quite an ugly hack right now since they seem to be stored inverse, i.e. all parts that are black should be white and vice versa. Until I figure this one out, I guess I have to live with the hack...